BetBurger Review – One of The Best Arbitrage Betting Software

BetBurger Arbitrage Betting Review

It’s incredible how sports gambling has evolved into a smart enterprise. Meanwhile, this only arises by coincidence. Sure, fate does play a large part, but it isn’t a significant one. Overcoming a bookmaker is a rare occurrence. Thankfully, BetBurger recently simplified things considerably.

With BetBurger any wager you place turns lucrative, no matter what happens. It is one of the best arbitrage betting tool because of its dependability, ease, and adaptability. Furthermore, it encompasses a wide variety of bookies, not to forgetting sporting events. In short, the program supports all of the sporting favorites.

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What Is BetBurger?

Before we go any further, you should know what BetBurger means. Luckily, it isn’t rocket science that will be difficult to grasp. BetBurger is a well-known arbitrage betting program developed by a skilled team of professionals. Aspira Ltd is the firm driving its activities. The system is authorized and controlled in Malta. Since its establishment in 2013, it has assisted hundreds of punters in outsmarting bookies.

Interestingly, BetBurger tries to serve the whole betting industry. As a result, they provide a variety of arbitrage bets. They also offer nearly 30+ sporting events. Unless soccer isn’t your thing, you may consider baseball instead. Basically, you will never be without your favorite sports activities. The biggest feature is that BetBurger evaluates all of those games to provide you with the finest opportunities to scoop big. What you must do is put a wager and watch your cash rise. In addition, the program provides hundreds of bet options. As a result, you will probably feel overloaded.

Pros and Cons

Listed below are the key benefits and drawbacks of the BetBurger system.


  • 100+ bookmakers searched every day, with improved scanning rate and accuracy
  • 100 000+ gambling options a day
  • Arb Helper – Extension
  • 30+ sporting events searched daily
  • Cross-platform, with a user-friendly layout
  • Skilled support staff


  • No daily membership plans
  • No discounts
  • No dedicated mobile app

Layout and User Experience

Visitors will always be frustrated if the layout design is poor, regardless of how wonderful and engaging a platform’s features to appear. Fortunately, circumstances are much the contrary at BetBurger. They are relatively simple to administer one of the factors they have become so popular. Nevertheless, this could be a bit obvious for novices.

First of all, the system has a basic, tidy, and user-friendly layout. You will have no trouble because the operation is fairly basic. Also, essential hyperlinks are established on the graphical theme to assist you to navigate the site.

The website features wonderful blue-grey hues. The subscriber menu may be found on the sidebar. Arbs could be defined here by percentage, kickoff time, or age. You may also organize items by occasion for better accessibility. Additionally, you may configure audio reminders within the same menu if you wish. Also included is a breakdown of all accessible arbs. Depending on your multifilter configurations, you may browse various arbs from this functional section. By tapping one of the arbs, you will be taken to the entire inventory of arbitrage markets for that specific arb.

How Does BetBurger Operate?

When you’re perusing this, you have a basic understanding of arbitrage betting. BetBurger’s operation is rather simple. The system selects and samples around 200 marketplaces for arbitrage opportunities. One of them is that it computes and displays all of the probabilities for surebets. Essentially, it aggregates chances from many venues, like totals, game results, and many more. This allows them to provide further surebets as opposed to other applications.

Surprisingly, BetBurger monitors a wide range of games too. At the moment, it includes roughly 30 sporting events for Prematch and 25 sporting events for Live. It will assist you in selecting the most exceptional arbitrage scenario at the moment. The finest aspect is that you will not be seen by bookmakers due to a few options loading the odds.

How to Make an Arbitrage Bet?

Since you have understood how BetBurger operates, it’s time to put a wager. So how will you go about it? This is what we’re currently focusing on. We will provide a realistic scenario to demonstrate our idea. Assume you possess $100 to wager on a particular game. Bookmakers A and B both give odds of 2.5. You must invest $50 in every bookie to place an arbitrage bet. Although, your stake must always be placed on the rival team.

At the end whichever side wins the game, you will earn $125 in return. One should always lose. In conclusion, you will still have generated a $25 income. That’s how arbitrage betting functions, and with a specific product, you’ll find many options.

This approach will net you from 2% to 15% on each bet which amounts to about 10% monthly. On the other hand, long-term expenditures will be highly beneficial. Make it a savings opportunity. The higher you stake, the more money you generate.


BetBurger provides larger arbitrage middles, which is fantastic. Middles are useful since you can implement them to shield your arbitrage operation from the bookies. They often persist for a long time as opposed to standard arbs, making them simpler to utilize.

Integrated Betting Calculator

The betting calculator embedded is fairly decent, with customizable wager calculation and the option to insert the commission. Moreover, it includes currency exchange, allowing you to compute wagers when you have multiple bookies and wallets financed in various denominations.


BetBurger lets you sort by the bookie, game venue, arb varieties, result patterns, and plenty more.


BetBurger operates smoothly across all devices. It may be used on any gadget, independent of OS. Furthermore, the app performs well on both portable and PC devices. Surprisingly, there is no necessity to acquire any software. Just register and all of the features will be instantly accessible. Besides that, you’ll have to get a sophisticated browser and consistent internet access. It’s practically everything you require to have a pleasant online experience.

Also included is the BetBurger Arb Helper, (a Google Chrome extension) that connects to all currently offered bookies. Additionally, it will advise you on how to prevent typical betting errors. You may also use the extension’s features to ensure that things appear as usual. As a result, your browsing experience will be routine. Bookmakers will never figure out where the reroute is coming from.

This is critical because a bookie may restrict or shut your account completely when it discovers that you’re utilizing its arbitrage system. This is among the most serious dangers. Hence, once you can keep a low profile, you’ll be able to further your arbitrage betting profession.

The Number of Arbs Discovered

Having a big volume of arbitrage options accessible anytime is critical to guarantee that your cash is always operating for you. BetBurger offers odds on 100+ bookies and 30+ sporting events. This is wonderful since you’ll access arbitrage bets, regardless of how tight your parameters may be.

After we tested with a few main arbitrage tools, we discovered that it was almost topping the chart concerning the number of arbs discovered. The quantity of arbs discovered is a big selling feature for the BetBurger system. We were genuinely pleased by it while conducting this evaluation.

Subscription Plans

If you’re new to arbitrage betting, it’s essential to inform you that it may not be inexpensive. This is among the costliest services offered. You certainly did not anticipate such excellent service to be so inexpensive. When you assess what you’re gaining for your budget, you’ll admit that the service pricing is reasonable.

BetBurger presently offers the following subscription packages:

  • Prematch: €129.99
  • Live: €229.99
  • Prematch + Live: €294.99

It is important to make you understand that Live arbing has a greater threat. Yet, the returns are substantial. Because it’s a robust approach, we recommend that you choose Prematch arbs if you’re a novice. Although, €130 monthly for Prematch arbs is rather pricey. However, when you’ve around €1000 to invest in arbitrage betting, you will benefit significantly. With a low amount, you’ll only be battling to generate income upon settling the monthly charge.

Promo Codes

Regrettably, there are currently no discounts or promotional codes available. Should they offer any deals or discounts, we are sure they will be updated on the BetBurger platform with their coupon codes.

Account Freezing

You can opt to suspend your membership whenever you wish. The freezing span should be at least a week and no more than 4 weeks. However, it is unclear if you can suspend your membership regularly or if it’s a one-time opportunity.

Payment Methods

BetBurger caters to the worldwide sports gambling industry, the entity offers a variety of banking methods. These options are widely recognized across the world, but you can use only a few denominations. Regrettably, some of the funding ways will be inaccessible in your jurisdiction. Among the common payment choices are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Bitpay

Transacting with any of these options, you can anticipate perfect security and comfort. Financing gateways utilize bank-level cryptographic techniques in conjunction with an SSL certificate to guarantee smooth operations. Furthermore, many of them do not impose processing charges. But, in the event of any monetary exchanges, you might incur an exchange charge.


BetBurger is a trustworthy platform. Even by looking at the rates, you could sense that their offerings are of high quality. Importantly, the framework employs cutting-edge techniques to calculate all potential arbitrage instances in the specified bookmakers. This increases your likelihood of earning big. Also, it features excellent sporting events, a wider market, and bookmaker access.

Customer Care

BetBurger’s customer service is very friendly. If you are experiencing any issues regarding the offerings or the system in particular, make sure to contact them. The support staff is polite, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Furthermore, they assist in a reasonable timeframe.

BetBurger Forum

BetBurger offers a forum where you may share arbitrage betting techniques with other members. You may also discover ways to use the system effectively and provide suggestions to the developers.

Is BetBurger Safe?

The BetBurger betting software is very secure. It has an active SSL certificate that is shown on its online platform. Virus detectors and many other tools have not detected vulnerabilities on the BetBurger site as of 2023. All individual and financial details are more secure, as evidenced by BetBurger’s Terms of Service.


Undoubtedly, BetBurger has a few fantastic aspects. It includes100+ bookmakers and 30+ sporting activities. This usually suggests that there’s going to be a massive volume of arbs offered. The appearance could be more spectacular, although it’s effective. This is partially compensated for by the Arb Helper Extension. Although its cost could be excessive, you will receive exceptional benefits. In summary, it’s simple to comprehend why individuals appreciate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetBurger a betting software worth it?

It is, indeed. The cost could be prohibitively expensive, however, if you desire to turn sports gambling into a profession, it is well good enough to justify it. Their marketing channel is excellent, as they monitor 30+ sports and 10+ bookmakers regularly.

Can I engage in a free version at BetBurger?

Sure, however, there are some downsides to the free version. After registration, you will have direct exposure to Live and Prematch. But, the bets will only be restricted to 1% revenue with a waiting period (A minute for Live and approximately 5 minutes for Prematch).

Which premium package is ideal for a newcomer?

We encourage the Prematch version, but you may also attempt the Live version if you’ve mastered it.

Is it possible to use BetBurger on a mobile device?

Yeah of course. It’s a cross-platform application that can be employed on portable devices. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be concerned about the device’s OS. There is absolutely no impact.