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BreakingBet Review - Arbitrage betting software

When betting, you hope that your bets pay off. Thankfully, arbitrage betting software can help you determine matches where sure bets exist. However, finding one may not be easy. The market has a wide variety of arbitrage software, and determining the right one for your needs may be difficult. We make the identification process easier by providing you with a review of BreakingBet, a relatively new entrant in the market. We explain how this software works, the tariffs and efficiency, and why it may be the right software for you. Read on below.

Pros and Cons


  • Quality arbs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cheaper subscriptions compared to competitors
  • Betting for Sport Exchanges
  • Ability to set your own currency rates
  • Rounding stakes


  • No search for value bets or middles
  • No daily subscriptions

What is BreakingBet?

BreakingBet is an arbitrage betting software for Prematch and Live sports betting. The platform was established in 2016 and is a brainchild of LLC Polarweb.

This platform analyzes over 70 bookies to establish the best odds in the market. This search occurs over multiple betting markets and will include moneylines, totals, and parlays. The result of the analysis is all sure-bet opportunities. You will get insight into both lives bets and prematches.

This software scans 12 sports and provides users with real-time arb data that can help them develop a helpful betting strategy. It scans different sportsbooks and betting markets as well so you can get the best odds for the sport of your choice. The software is quick and efficient, taking only a few seconds to complete a search.

BreakingBet has a myriad of tools that can be used by both sports analysts and bettors. Therefore, it can be beneficial for those starting out in arbitrage betting. While the platform charges a fee, it is relatively cheaper than most other arbitrary betting software in the market. Furthermore, you get support in multiple languages, including Spanish, English, German, French, Russian, and Italian.

Layout and User Experience

This platform has an easy-to-use interface. Once you load the site, a pop-up window will appear. This window displays the current figures; below the numbers, you will find a “show me” button. When you click the button, the software displays all available arbs. Sadly, you cannot view the attached odds and outcomes unless you pay the subscription fee. Once you make the payment, you will see all the information.

There are other features on the platform, but you will need to click on each to know what they do. The sportsbooks can be found on the left side of the interface, and so are the arbitrage bets. The arbitrage bets are laid out in rows and sorted by profit margin so you can easily follow. You will also find the bookmakers, the age of the arbs, and the start time of the matches here. The betting market type and the relevant odds are displayed on the opposite side of the screen.

Bookmarker Odds

Ideally, an arbitrage platform should display and compare bookmaker odds in an organized, easy-to-understand manner. This helps users understand the order they should place their odds in, their backup options if their bets are rejected and whether they still have any opportunities following bet rejection, and how safe a particular arb is.

A user can make several high stake bets in such a case without any mistakes as these can be costly. The platform displays different bookmaker combination odds of an arbitrage bet as a separate arb, and this can be confusing for users. It would be better if the bookmaker odds were displayed together in a table for a specific match.

Number of Arbs

BreakingBet covers 12 sports and 70 sportsbooks, of who 32 are in line. This number is constantly changing. While this may look like a limited selection, it is not necessarily bad. The site offers a high number of arbitrage bets compared to even some of the top arbitrage software in the industry. If your account has a decent number of bookmakers that they cover, you will have arbs.

This can especially be useful for new arbers who have only a few accounts and for experienced arbers who target a particular arb type.

BreakingBet Accessibility

BreakingBet software is mobile-friendly that will work on mobile and other screen types. It works across all operating systems, so whether you have Android, Windows, or iOS, you can access the site. However, you will need to pay the subscription fee after utilizing the free trial.

Features of the BrakingBet Software

Some valuable features of this software include the following.


This platform allows you to filter a bookmaker’s displayed arbs. Therefore, you can choose only the sportsbooks with whom you have an account. You can also filter them such that they either fall under required, enabled, or disabled. If the bookmaker is required, the platform will only display apps involving them. This type of filtering comes in handy when you have accumulated funds with a bookmaker and want to put the funds to work or when you want to meet the rollover requirements of a bonus bet.

While the filtering feature is detailed and incredibly customized, there is room for improvement. For example, the platform should allow the user to eliminate markets from different sports, so they do not show in the list of arbs.

Integrated Betting Calculator

This arbitrage betting software features a calculator that is useful for this type of betting. Like other arbitrage betting sites, it has some standard features. The calculator allows automatic stake calculation. You can also manually enter a single bet stake or the total stake you would wish to wager.

The calculator allows you to round your stakes, which is crucial if you want to avoid sportsbook limitations. It can also help you direct all your profits to a single outcome. You would not expect these features from software that charges minimal fees.

You can also enter custom betting exchange commission percentages and calculate inter-currency arb bets with the BreakingBet exchange rates, which is helpful if you have a bookmaker account in different currencies.

BreakingBet Value Betting

This platform allows free value betting. Value betting is the type offered separately and at additional costs. Thankfully, this platform provides value betting for free.

Unfortunately, value betting is not recommended for beginner arbers and this feature may be helpful for more experienced arbers looking for long-term profit.

BreakingBet Live Arbs

Apart from the prematch arbs, this service also gives you access to the live abs section. However, access to this section will require you to pay extra. This feature especially becomes useful in case you are facing account restrictions. We recommend that beginners refrain from using this feature as it presents a high risk.

Breaking Bet Customer Service

Customer service is essential for the success of any type of betting business. When you get stuck on something and need quick intervention, the customer support team should be on standby. BreakingBet has a team of professionals who are available to help you. You can contact them by email at or call them, and they will likely get back to you in a few hours. It is also a worthwhile idea to check the frequently asked questions section of their site, as you may get some answers to your questions there.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Regarding pricing, this is one of the cheapest yet most effective platforms in the market. This platform features payment methods accepted globally, which means you can use them wherever possible. They accept credit and debit cards and digital wallets, and the payments are processed quickly. You can be sure that your personal information and money will be safe as financial institutions use SSL encryption algorithms.

Breaking Bet Account Freezing

Account freezing allows the user to pause active subscriptions for set periods. This feature is crucial as it will enable you to preserve your subscription on days you cannot use the scanner.

How to Calculate Arbitrage Bets at BreakingBet

Arbitrage betting sites such as Breaking Bet make calculating arbitrage bets easier. Here is how to do it with the bet calculator:

  • Open the calculator by clicking on the calculator icon found on the control panel. You can also tap on the arb areas not affected by the controls.
  • Next, you will need to set the betting exchanges you will utilize and then set your preferred currency and exchange rates.
  • Next, you will settle lay bets for the exchanges and let the computer calculate the necessary odds and profits expected for each profit.

The Breaking Bet platform only calculates bets placed for two bookmakers. You can also check with an exchange that can let you lay bets for better results.


This review shows that BreakingBet is an excellent platform with a user-friendly user interface. This platform also has affordable subscription plans compared to most of its market competitors, making it great for both beginner and more experienced arbitrage bettors.