Arbitrage betting software scans multiple bookmakers and identifies situations where a bettor can place wagers on all possible outcomes of a sporting event, with the total odds offering a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. The software calculates the necessary bet amounts and provides instructions on how to place the bets.

The following are the most crucial factors to consider while deciding on the finest games arbitrage betting software for yourself.


It’s good not to dispute the fact that arbitrage betting programs may be rather costly. A proficient program may cost at least €100 monthly. Therefore, if you aim on placing a few arbitrage bets now and then, you are doubtful to even recoup the price of the program. Ensure to assess the time and resources you must put into arbitrage betting when selecting a software application.

Number of Sports It Covers

Several arb finders only support 5 sporting activities, whereas others support up to 30+. Zero rewards for figuring out who creates the most arbs for their users.

Yet, a significant number of arbs are created by the most well-known 5 to 10 sports, thus having a plethora of sports isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Number of Sportsbooks It Covers

This is crucial. Many sportsbooks imply greater arbs, more lucrative arbs, and, quite vitally, greater possibilities for you to register if your accounts become restricted.

A greater perspective bookie implies a broader profession in sporting events arbitrage betting.

Speed in Refreshing Arb Feed

Numerous arbitrage bets vanish within seconds of becoming detected by software systems. This implies that it’s critical that you maintain entry to arbitrage betting chances when they’re identified.

Integrated Betting Calculator

The arbitrage tool must feature an integrated calculator that simplifies the values in the arbitrage bet to secure the benefit. Ideally, it should contain tools for rounding your bets to minimize scrutiny from bookies. In addition, the tool should skew your bets to favor a certain scenario that you feel is worthwhile.

Arb Types

An effective arbitrage betting software includes common features like Middles and cross-market arbitrage bets.

These sophisticated arb varieties have a longer life expectancy and are more easily identified by bookies than ordinary arbs. We strongly advise you to purchase a program that can recognize them.

Defensive Arbing Features

Among the most serious concerns for arbitrage, gamblers are seeing their accounts restricted or banned. Several arbitrage betting systems currently include options for concealing your arbitrage activities.

This might involve distinct betting-only internet browsers, along with automated cookies and cache memory wiping at the beginning and completion of every gaming event.

Possessing these qualities will empower you to extend your profession as an arbitrage gambler, thus they are greatly worth having.

Final Words

Arbitrage betting software can help bettors to make a profit with minimal risk, as they are exploiting the discrepancies between the odds offered by different bookmakers. However, it’s important to note that bookmakers are aware of arbitrage betting and may place limits on the amount a bettor can stake or close their account altogether. Additionally, there is always the risk of human error or technological glitches, so it’s important to exercise caution and use arbitrage betting software as just one part of a broader betting strategy.