OddsJam Review 2023

Online Sports Betting with OddsJam

OddsJam features the most powerful arbitrage and positive EV program. It boasts to provide the quickest real-time sportsbook analyzer, highlighting unusual differences in prominent bookies from the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and beyond. Both novice and seasoned enthusiasts can utilize their offerings for premium charges according to their degree of expertise. Take a close look at our OddsJam evaluation to figure out if you can consider using it for your gambling.

Pros and Cons

Before diving into how the system operates, let’s check the key advantages and drawbacks of OddsJam in comparison to the various other solutions on the market.





Great layout design The arbitrage calculator often does not auto-fill odds; you must enter them individually.
Offer precise bet monitoring There are no biasing alternatives in the arbitrage calculator
There is betting information accessible Arbitrage bookie comparison might be perplexing
Offer Middles Fairly priced – a sizable amount is required for earnings after the monthly charge
Industry Plan has a positive EV program There were few arbs discovered
Can view odds for each state in the United States Just 7 sports are offered
Lack of Staking calculator for positive EV program
There is no sorting of bets

Design and User Interface

The first point to understand about OddsJam is that their program operates simply in your internet browser; no downloads are required.

Productive sports gambling entails staking a large number of bets with large investments and minimal profit margins. It would be much simpler to commit errors and transform a successful bet into an unsuccessful one when the application is complicated to use and confusingly shows probabilities.

Fortunately, the OddsJam design is superb it’s among the finest software we’ve witnessed. OddsJam appears to have been designed from the start as an odds comparison program, hence it was designed with the User experience in mind from the beginning.

The tool alone is divided into four major categories:

  • Odds Comparison
  • Betting tools
  • Calculators
  • Bet tracker

Let’s start exploring the odds comparison tool and then betting tools next.

Odds Comparison

This part is exactly what you’d consider: a comparison tool of betting markets for various events. It should be noted that this area displays all odds from across all accepted bookies.

Odds Matches

Games are classified as per commencement date, with the most recent games appearing first. When you tap on a game, you will be shown all of the marketing channels for that game, as well as the numerous bookies providing statistics for that game.

Betting Tools

The betting tools area is similar to the odds comparison part, except it is sorted to display exclusively lucrative bets. It cannot be sorted by sport activity; it displays all of them simultaneously. You can pick Arbitrage bets, positive EV bets, low-hold bets, and middles.

Arbitrage Bets

The arbitrage bet area is where you’ll pay attention since they are stress-free bets that attract you to OddsJam!

This part describes arbitrage bets in the rank of profitability. From left to right, it displays the arbitrage profitability, game kickoff time, competing clubs, odds, and bookies, as well as the industry within which the arbitrage bet operates.

We appreciate how every game and odds pairing with an arbitrage bet is presented as one phrase. It makes it simple to browse the arbs and find out which areas you’ve previously staked on.

On the upper left, you may access an arbitrage betting calculator by tapping on the calculator button.

Similar to the odds comparison area, tapping on the remainder of the line will show you a comprehensive comparison of the bookmakers giving odds for this area and game.

There is no option to open an arbitrage betting calculator that has filled odds. You must launch an arbitrage betting calculator in a new window and personally add the odds, which requires patience.

Arbitrage bets often last for a few minutes until the odds change and then go away. Hope, OddsJam will add an arbitrage betting calculator to this screen in the future.

Although the sportsbook odds are provided here, it is impossible to tell at the sight which odds comprise an arbitrage bet and which do not.

Also, it’s difficult to determine which amount to bet before adding the odds into a different calculator. This increases the likelihood of committing an error on the arbitrage bet.

Low-hold Bets

This area is important for individuals wishing to flip over every promotional bet to fulfill the perks requirements and eventually receive the dollars.

When you are unable to access an arbitrage bet to utilize your incentive on, visit this part and pick a low-hold bet, which is a group of bets with a very little (or no) profitability ratio for the sportsbooks.

Moreover, it displays the proportion of the conversion, which indicates what portion of the incentive will be converted into funds that may be cashed out. A larger percentage is preferable in this case. Choose low-hold bets with greater odds because they have higher conversion rates.


Middles are a kind of lucrative bet in which you can earn all parts of the bet simultaneously and benefit significantly.

Positive middles are arbitrage bets with the possibility of winning the bet on all sides, while negative middles aren’t arbitrage bets that have the possibility of winning on all sides.

OddsJam appears to contain very few positive middles and practically no negative middles. Negative middles, on the other hand, may be advantageous in the long term, and they are frequently effective when you’ve been scooping a significant amount with a certain sportsbook and would like to build your profile with them.

Positive EV Bets

The final betting window is for positive EV bets. In this tool, instead of placing bets on all sides of an arbitrage bet, players simply stake on the part with the highest odds. Despite you won’t win easily, your Anticipated Value is larger every time, hence your gain would be bigger in the lengthy period as you place more bets.

Always keep in mind that you’ll put a lot of bets to achieve a statistically meaningful probability of winning.

OddsJam estimates their positive EV bets using the Pinnacle odds after removing the vigorish. When the bookie’s chances are greater than the Pinnacle no-vig chances, the possibilities are considered a value bet.

Regrettably, OddsJam does not include a staking calculator. When determining bets for Positive EV, the Kelly Criterion is applied to reduce the probability of going bankrupt in the long haul due to a bad luck spell.

Profitable Bets on OdssJam

The quantity of bets that may be found is a crucial component of any lucrative gambling program. If it is unable to discover more bets every day, you won’t be able to earn any dollars after paying your monthly premium charge.

We checked the number of bets of every category the program was capable of identifying when evaluating it using the Industry Plan and discover:

  • Arbitrage betting – Around 10 bets
  • Low-hold – Nearly 50 bets
  • Middles – 0 positive middles and around 40 negative middles
  • Positive EV – Around 22 bets with >1% EV

These figures are high in comparison to the European betting system, but it is vital to remember that there are significantly fewer bookies in the United States, therefore there are lesser lucrative bets.

These figures may change widely based on the day, so check OddsJam for yourself and find out the number you can discover with your favorite bookies and sporting events.

OddsJam Sportsbooks

OddsJam now includes roughly 30 bookies, and new ones are introduced daily. This is fewer bookies unlike many European betting systems, but because there are lesser bookmakers based in the United States and Canada, this remains a good quantity. Supported sportsbooks include:

OddsJam Sports

OddsJam currently offers 7 sports gambling options, which is considerably fewer than almost all other betting applications. Nevertheless, they are among the most famous sport in the United States, and they account for the vast bulk including all arbs and value bets.

The 7 sports activities are as follows:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • UFC

OddsJam Features

Betting Calculators

Just like any good betting program would, OddsJam offers a handful of betting calculators. Unfortunately, when looking at their program in general, we believe their calculators are their bottleneck.

They feature three calculators available:

  • Arbitrage betting calculator
  • Freeplay calculator
  • No-vig fair odds calculator

Arbitrage Betting Calculator

This tool is quite basic and only addresses the fundamentals of an arbitrage betting calculator. It lacks a range of functions found in more complex calculators, such as three-way arbitrage bets, alternative odds styles, several money markets, bet skewing to favor a result, and odds rounding to prevent mistrust.

Another issue we have with this calculator is the absence of an option to display it with automatically filled odds when you’re in the odds comparison section. This indicates you must personally input the odds in this calculator on a different page, which is time-wasting.

Freeplay Calculator

The Freeplay calculator is employed to hedge incentive stakes, releasing them of their restrictions and enabling them to be withdrawn as funds.

No-vig Fair Odds Calculator

Lastly, there’s the no-vig fair odds calculator, which calculates the actual odds after subtracting the profitability applied by the sportsbook.

Bet Tracker

When the calculators are a problem, the Bet Tracker represents one of the strongest points that We discovered in our OddsJam study.

It is unusual to see such a thorough bet monitor for arbitrage betting programs; these are generally reserved solely for value betting applications, because of the significant unpredictability in this.

The bet tracker is split into two sections. To begin, personal bets are tracked to assess financial gains/losses and your overall betting strategy. Also, payments and payouts from particular bookmaker profiles are tracked to assist you to keep a record of how your cash is allocated and if you are required to replenish particular wallets.

Additionally, once you sign into OddsJam, you will see a dashboard that displays a lot of useful facts regarding your playing at a glimpse.


We appreciate getting these statistics so freely available. It’s pleasant to check out how you’re doing at a glimpse, and seeing strong results may help motivate you to continue with the betting method you’re implementing.

Bet Filtering

Sadly, this is just another flaw with OddsJam. The sorting of arbitrage and value bets appears to be almost non-existent. There is currently no way to narrow down the results by sportsbook, game, match beginning, or profitability.

These capabilities are available on nearly every arbitrage betting application, so maybe OddsJam will integrate them shortly.

Location Selection

Because sports betting regulation in the United States is forever evolving and greatly dependent on the state you currently reside in, OddsJam lets you choose your area and therefore view multiple bookies and odds.

Defensive Betting

OddsJam does not appear to focus much on defensive betting, but it is crucial to keep under the sportsbooks’ radars and escape their doubt.

As we previously stated, OddsJam makes it difficult to round your bets on their calculator, making it one of the simplest methods to fit in as a normal gambler.


OddsJam is a contemporary arbitrage betting service, which means it uses cutting-edge tech. You will not have any problems accessing the site here. You may quickly choose a risk-free bet and jump straight into the action, regardless of whether you’re a rookie or a skilled punter. Furthermore, the site is accessible via a variety of platforms. Risk-free bets, for example, will be available via personal computers and also cellphones. The compatible cell phones are Windows, Android, and iOS. You’ll have lots of risk-free plays on the fly with them.

Email Alerts

The email alert option on this arbitrage betting service is something you will appreciate. This functionality enables you to receive risk-free bets directly in your mailbox. You won’t lose an arbitrage opportunity with this. You will receive value bets, medium bets, and arbitrage bets in the mailbox. The only thing you are required to do is open your mailbox constantly.

How to Register an Account

To enjoy the risk-free bets at OddsJam, you must first create an account. Specifically, creating an account will get you access to the 7-day free offer. You will also be capable of paying for premiums and arbs with bigger profits. The basic registration procedure is outlined below:

  1. Go to the official webpage.
  2. Tap the Start your free trial icon on the platform’s main page.
  3. Select the plan to which you want to join. You can choose between arbitrage and industrial plans. You will also decide whether to pay monthly or yearly.
  4. Upon picking your plan, fill out the online form with your name, email, and country.
  5. Accept the service terms
  6. Lastly, press the Submit tab.

Customer Service

A key characteristic that distinguishes a successful arbitrage betting website is customer support. This is the best website to visit if you desire excellent service. There are courteous and knowledgeable customer service experts on hand to assist you 24/7. If you have any queries regarding arbs, you may contact customer service via live chat. Otherwise, you may reach the support staff by email at contact@oddsjam.com. In addition to these assistance services, there is also a FAQ section with useful data.

Our Experience with Oddsjam Software

Scanning Speed

Scanning efficiency is among the most crucial elements to consider while searching for odds comparison software for arbitrage or value betting,

OddsJam offers a reasonable sampling rate on pre-match as opposed to other firms that offer similar services in the United States or European markets,

It may not be the quickest software in the industry, although, in our opinion, it is ideal before and during match betting.

Odds Accuracy

The scanning rate of the odds comparison tool has the greatest influence on odds correctness. OddsJam is committed to the continued improvement of its instruments. We notice a significant rise in the number of betting possibilities displayed by OddsJam between one period to the next. Nevertheless, there is remaining space to reduce errors by boosting the scanning rate.

Bookmakers Covered

The number of sportsbooks included is the most essential element. OddsJam searches every pertinent gambling website that welcomes United States players. Furthermore, they monitor many foreign bookmakers that enable betting methods like value betting.

According to our experience, an odds comparison tool may be the quickest and greatest in every way, but if it does not scan the bookmaker you want, it is worthless.

Pricing Plans and Financing Options

You may join up for a seven-day trial version with OddsJam. OddsJam’s entire suite of products is far less expensive than comparable software available on the market. If you believe they are worthwhile investments, you have three price options:

  • Industry Plan – $199/month
  • Plus Plan – $39/month
  • Platinum Plan – If you select this plan, contact the support team.

To get started, you may use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express to fund your plan.

Due to embedded OddsJam bookmakers, low-cost memberships, great customer service, the free bet monitor, and risk-free bet notifications, you will undoubtedly receive substantial benefits. Begin with a trial version to explore how it operates in real life.

Summary of Using OddsJam

OddsJam is a sports betting program that assists players in finding the most favorable odds and placing bets on several sporting activities. Below are six benefits of utilizing OddsJam:

  • Higher earnings: By assisting individuals in locating the greatest odds on a certain sport, OddsJam has the opportunity to boost their earnings.
  • Speed and effectiveness: When compared to performing it individually, OddsJam can swiftly search the sector and determine the most favorable odds.
  • Convenience: OddsJam allows customers to put bets on different bookies from a unified system, which is far more efficient than navigating numerous platforms and individually making bets.
  • Powerful functionalities: OddsJam provides sophisticated capabilities such as odds comparison, odds monitoring, and analytical methods, which might be useful for more seasoned gamblers.
  • Customization: OddsJam may be customized to match the requirements and interests of the customer, like establishing notifications for certain activities.
  • User-friendly: OddsJam layout is simple to operate and explore, making it ideal for players of all different skill levels.

Final Thoughts

Our OddsJam analysis discovered amazing stuff for sports fans in the United States and Canada. When you register with this platform, you will have access to a choice of risk-free bets from well-known bookies. The site offers every risk-free bet from value bets to middle bets. These risk-free bets are available from more than 35 bookmakers, like Pinnacle and Fox Bet. Furthermore, you will benefit from a 7-day risk-free version, low-cost memberships, a free bet monitor, and secure financing options. The platform is also mobile-compatible, and you can reach out to customer service via live chat or email. According to our evaluation, the website deserves your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OddsJam software a Scam?

Although it is young, we can promise you that it is among the most genuine arbitrage bookmakers we have ever encountered. Throughout our research, we found no issues concerning the website. In reality, the platform is used every day by more than 20,000 clients from the U. S., Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. We additionally checked the website and can tell you that it’s secure and trustworthy. That being stated, you may sign up today, enroll in the plan of your choice, and place risk-free bets with assurance.

Is OddsJam software worth your attention?

We examined it and can guarantee you that it offers a number of the most lucrative arbitrage chances. During the 7-day free trial, you will have access to risk-free bets with a return of up to 1%. However, if you enroll, you will have access to risk-free bets with a gain of 3-4%. Well, since you have nothing much to risk, this isn’t that awful. In fact, with the 7-day free trial, you may expect to recoup your investment. We must, however, emphasize that value bets will not yield immediate gains. These bets are intended for gamblers who are comfortable with volatility and risk management. You will profit in the long term if you place these bets.

Is the site mobile-friendly?

The platform is mobile-compatible, so that you may place free bets while on the move.

What kind of risk-free betting can I anticipate?

As a member of the platform, you can get risk-free bets like Arbitrage bets, value bets, and middle bets.

What sporting activities can I arbitrate?

You can arbitrate on sports like tennis, basketball, boxing, baseball, MMA, football, and so on.

Is there a free plan for the venue?

Sure, new clients may take advantage of a 7-day free trial version.